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on February 29, 2020

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Join us and start an exciting career at PBXL.

PBXL is an innovative thought leader in the UCaaS/PBX hosting market. Our reputation is founded on the qualities of our staff. We believe in the ability of the individual to make a real difference.

We are looking for people who know that initiative is the key to success in the modern business world, who understand that excellence is the minimum acceptable performance level, and recognize that a person who is not learning is not advancing. We only seek responsible individuals who follow their commitments with action.

It does not matter to us whether you graduated from a reputable university or worked at a famous company. We are focused solely on what measurable impact you can have on our company, customers and partners, and how we can help you achieve your potential. Want to “Ganbaru” rather than “Gaman”? Consider PBXL.


Jack or Jill of all trades? This is the position for you. One day, this may mean going on a sales call with one (or more) of the sales team. Another it might be working with our outsourced accounting company to make sure we have gotten them our billing information. And a third day might be helping the CEO (and chief salesperson) with scheduling, meishi and otherwise just getting things done. Attention to detail and the ability to organize will be critical for success.

Minimum Requirements include:
  • Superior Japanese skills.
  • An outgoing personality.
  • A desire to manage the entire customer process, from contact to contract.
  • Ability to work independently.
Ideal candidates have:
  • A relevant college degree.
  • Education and/or work experience both in Japan and abroad.
  • A thirst for learning both technology and business.


PBXL actively looks for college students who wish to do real work—if you are looking for a “filing” or “paperwork” internship, then we are not for you. If you are looking for a challenge and an opportunity, and have excellent Japanese and English skills, please get in touch with us.

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