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Cloud Based Smartphone Softphone with ¥0!

Why choose Our Service?

Easy to install, available anywhere
Because the system is on the cloud, minimal system construction or PBX purchase are necessary.
Low TCO, Call from
Softphone is even FREE!
Don’t buy a PBX! A cloud-based PBX means no expensive installation nor Calling costs.
Unlimited bilingual remote helpdesk and support
Other cloud based services offers Limited support or hidden support costs, but not us!
Carrier Grade, proven Platform
PBXL’s service is built on a proven platform which is used by world sized telecommunications carriers.

Cost Effective!

A cloud-based, carried grade PBX means no expensive capex costs. Calling charges are cheaper too.

Cost Reduction

Unlimited calling plan (TTS)

  • Fixed-rate, unlimited calling plan
  • Access to over 22 countries worldwide
  • Includes mobile and fixed line calling within Japan Based on a fixed rate per user per month

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD is the increasing trend toward employee-owned devices within a business, and 89% of companies world wide support it to some extent.

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